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Bloemenwinkel Moederdag
Moederdag bloemen
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10 May 2024
A sustainable flower bouquet for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day is approaching again, which means a busy period in the horticultural sector. Flowers have been a symbolic gift for Mother’s Day for centuries, and their popularity remains undiminished.

Not only in the Netherlands and Belgium does this day fall on the second Sunday in May, but other European countries also celebrate it on this day. For Alliance members working in horticulture, such as our CPA member Fresco Flowers, it marks the start of a busy period.

Rising demand for flowers

This busy period has already begun. In April, 6% more clock trolleys and 9% more direct trolleys were delivered compared to March. With the wedding season approaching, Royal FloraHolland expects a rising demand for flowers in the months of May and June. This means that many flower film and plant stakes will be put back into use. Not all films and plant stakes are sustainably produced.

Circular plant stakes

Currently, the graphic industry still uses a lot of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in production, which involves the use of a lot of chlorine, making it harmful to the environment. With Circular Plastics, we can now replace these raw materials with rPP by using 90% recycled material. This puts us ahead of European legislation, which demands 30% reuse of recycled material by 2025.

By using PP for the plant stakes instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), we ensure a mono-stream. The plant stakes can be recycled directly with the plant pots because they are also made of PP.

The quality of the products is the result of a perfect synergy between various Circular Plastics Alliance members, with collaboration between the raw material supplier Kras Recycling BV, advanced ‘State of the Art’ co-ex technology, and the valuable expertise of the technical staff of Kivo Plastic Packaging and Circular Plastics.

Recycled flower film

Recycled flower film is also a step in the right direction for the horticultural sector. This film is 100% recycled from flower film collected at flower auctions and in supermarkets. With energy-efficient processing on fast wrapping and sealing machines, these recycled flower film are a step towards a circular future.

Are you curious about all the technical details of our plant stakes or do you want to know more about our developed flower wrap? Then visit: https://www.circular-plastics.com/en/products/


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