December 1, 2023
Rate Differentiation 2.0 from January 1, 2024
The Packaging Waste Fund has unveiled a new approach to promote the production of recycled plastic packaging and easily recyclable plastic packaging in the Netherlands. This new approach from the Packaging Waste Fund concerns Rate Differentiation 2.0. The purpose of rate differentiation is to financially encourage companies to switch to packaging that is easier to ...


November 28, 2023

Brick manufacturers are switching to circular plastic return pallets

Dutch manufacturers of bricks affiliated with the trade association Royal Dutch Construction Ceramics (KNB) are taking an important step in ...
November 20, 2023

European legislation on the way for the reuse of pallets

Wooden pallets represent one of the largest waste streams for logistics companies. As part of the Green Deal and a ...
November 20, 2023

Inspiration day activates construction companies towards circular building

The Circular Plastics Alliance member GP Groot recently organized an inspiration day for circular construction in collaboration with Circular Plastics ...
September 19, 2023

Aftermovie event at partner Xella Netherlands

On September 13, Royal Hibin organized an event at the Xella Nederland location in Vuren in collaboration with CPA partner ...
September 14, 2023

Xella Netherlands switches to circular plastic pallets, saving 70 tons of CO2 annually

Xella Netherlands is taking a significant step towards sustainability by collaborating with the Circular Plastic Alliance, the building materials trade, ...
April 21, 2023

Additional measures for climate targets hit waste sector

The waste sector will not escape additional measures to meet the 2030 climate targets, including a higher carbon tax and ...
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