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Foto kunststof HULO Retourpallet
28 November 2023
Brick manufacturers are switching to circular plastic return pallets

Dutch manufacturers of bricks affiliated with the trade association Royal Dutch Construction Ceramics (KNB) are taking an important step in the use of circular packaging. This in collaboration with Circular Plastics and Cabka, supplier and manufacturer of reusable plastic pallets. The switch to plastic return pallets for facade bricks results in significantly less waste and lowers the CO2 footprint.

Circularity, waste reduction and reduction of the CO2 footprint are important spearheads of the building ceramic industry. That is why brick manufacturers united in KNB are taking the initiative to switch from disposable wooden pallets to plastic return pallets, made from 100% plastic waste. The initiative fits seamlessly with the sustainability ambitions of the ceramic sector and is part of the Technology Roadmap Construction Ceramics 2030. The collective of the brick producers affiliated with the KNB industry umbrella organization and Circular Plastics / Cabka are working together to make the plastic return pallet for masonry bricks market-ready.

The brick manufacturers have taken the initiative to investigate the feasibility of reusable return pallets for bricks. This has resulted in a universally applicable plastic solution as an alternative to the traditional wooden HULO pallet with dimensions 1140 mm (L) x 420 mm (W). To prove the effectiveness of the pallets and their return in practice, pilot projects in construction will follow with the cooperation of the building materials trade and four contractors. This will be followed by rollout in the market. The nestable plastic pallets take up less space, last 10 to 20 times longer and serve as raw material for a new pallet after their entire lifespan.

Construction ceramic industry

The manufacturers working together in the trade association Royal Dutch Construction Ceramics (KNB) produce facade and paving bricks, ceramic roof tiles, ceramic interior wall bricks and baked wall and floor tiles. The construction ceramics industry has a turnover of approximately EUR 750 million (2022) and offers direct employment to more than 2,500 people.


Circular Plastics has already developed various sustainable circular packaging and transport solutions that make a positive contribution to the ecology and CO2 footprint with less environmental impact and less one-time use of scarce raw materials.


For more than 25 years, Cabka has been changing the way goods are transported around the world. Plastic waste is transformed into sustainable, 100% circular plastic pallets and containers. Cabka is the answer for any company that wants to ship goods with maximum efficiency and the smallest possible impact on the environment.


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