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Waste is collected.
Circular Plastics case 1 beeld 2
The waste is used to make PP granules.
Circular Plastics case 1 beeld 3
We use the granules to make the Circular Sheets.
Circular Plastics case 1 beeld 4
The Circular Sheets are printed on and used to make labels.
client:  Crea Green for van der Salm
Recycled labels
We collaborated with Crea Green to produce recycled labels for pot plant grower Van der Salm. By using our new technology, a maximum of 80% of the virgin PP used has been replaced by PP recyclate.

The graphics industry is currently still using a lot of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which involves using a lot of chlorine during production which is harmful to the environment.

By using our new technology, we have been able to replace a maximum of 80% of the virgin PP used with PP recyclate. The quality of the products is the result of a perfect synergy between Kras Recycling, the supplier of raw materials, advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ COEX technology and the valuable expertise and teamwork of Kivo and Circular Plastics.

  1. 80% recycled PP is reused
  2. Hi-tech co-extrusion in 3 layers with 2 white outer layers and black PP on the inside
  3. Printing carried out using high-quality offset technology and organic inks in up to 10 colours
  4. Suitable for recycled labels, for example


By using PP for plant labels instead of (PVC), Van der Salm has created a monostream. Because the plant pots are already made of PP, post-selection of the mono-combination PP labels and PP pots from the waste streams is automatically suitable for recycling. A real closed loop!

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Because we are able to recycle our plastic labels and pots, plastic is a good product and definitely not waste. So it can be reused again and again.
Iris van Dorp – Van der Salm

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