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Circular Plastics bouw case 2 beeld 1
Employees and subcontractors are given training.
Circular Plastics bouw case 2 beeld 2
The environment coach is appointed as a point of contact.
Circular Plastics bouw case 2 beeld 3
The recycling centres are fully equipped.
Circular Plastics bouw case 2 beeld 4
CircularBags for collecting flexible plastic.
Sustainability in construction
We collaborated with HSB Construction to produce a circular construction site. We provided a fully equipped recycling centre, for example, where construction waste can be separated, recycled plastic floor slabs, recycled film for the packaging of window frames, for example, and CircularBags for collecting flexible plastics from all over the construction site. So construction waste is recycled in a closed loop!

A lot of waste is currently produced in construction which is ideal for recycling if you separate it properly.

Together with HSB Bouw, we identified and rolled out the possibilities for a circular construction site, then employees and subcontractors were given training on site and an environment coach was appointed to monitor everything.

  1. Design and equipment of recycling centres on site and CircularBags for collecting flexible plastics
  2. Use of recycled LPDE film for window frames and recycled plastic floor slabs
  3. Standardisation for circular transport in 100% recycled pallet boxes
  4. Training for employees and subcontractors, plus appointment of an environment coach

As a result of taking a holistic approach to the construction site, waste is separated and recycled, employee awareness has been created and recycled products are now used. A real closed loop!

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We use circular packaging in construction, together with all our partners.
William Bosschaart - Project Manager HSB Bouw B.V.

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