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24 January 2024
Third prize Greenovation Award 2023 with the Eco Flowerbox FECT

We are super proud of the third prize we won with the Eco Flowerbox / FECT.

The Eco Flowerbox / FECT is a sustainable solution for packaging flowers and plants. The box is specially designed for transport on Danish trolleys but can also be used on other carriers. The material is made from 100% recycled plastic and is completely circular.

The Eco Flowerbox is designed by Circular Plastics, a partner of the Paardekooper Group. The box has a loading capacity of 25 kg per box and is collapsible: this means that the box can be reduced in volume by 80% to 45 mm. Both the bottom and the lid have an individual QR/barcode and are suitable for automated logistic processes. Frank Helmus, an employee at our Alliance partner Paardekooper Group, recorded the promotional video for the nomination and received the award during the award ceremony at the Royal Flora Holland trade fair in Aalsmeer.


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