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22 April 2020
Van Vliet partner of Circular

Van Vliet Bedrijven, as part of Container Systems B.V. and Circular Plastics, are joining forces and engaging in intensive cooperation. The aim is the addition of knowledge and expertise in order to develop sustainable logistics load carriers for the flower and plant industry, for instance.

Circular Plastics works according to a consortium model in which different professionals
work together on sustainable packaging solutions. In addition to Container Systems, the Koninklijke Paardekooper Group, Kras Recycling Group, Fresco Flowers, Crea Green, Con Pearl and Rabobank are also affiliated as partners. The various parties are joining forces and developing sustainable solutions in packaging and logistics that will facilitate and accelerate the change to a circular economy. Reuse within a closed loop will be promoted, with products being extensively collected, reused and continuously recycled using modern up cycling techniques.

As a partner in the Circular Plastics consortium, Van Vliet Bedrijven will be in a position to further strengthen their sustainable ambitions and accelerate the transition to circular logistics load carriers. This is a necessity, since in the future there will be no place for one-off plastics and cardboard products or products that have a negative impact on the environment.
Circular Plastics develops sustainable packaging and logistics solutions for horticulture, floriculture and fruit and vegetables. Its business activities perfectly match the knowledge and scope of Container Systems B.V. subsidiaries: Van Vliet Horti and Van Vliet Retail. These have been specialising since 1999 in logistics load carriers and pooling for the flower and plant sector.
In recent years, Van Vliet Bedrijven have previously achieved a large number of breakthroughs in sustainable logistics in the Horticulture industry. This collaboration with Circular Plastics presents a significant opportunity to further develop and scale up sustainable packaging and logistics resources.

For more information see website Van Vliet containers. 




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