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Circular Sheets Polypropilene RPP/PP

Circular Sheets of particularly PP application e.g. horticulture

At this moment, the graphic industry still uses a lot of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in which production a lot of chlorine is used, thus harmful to the environment, or as an alternative virgin PP which we can now replace by deploying 90% recyclate with rPP. With this, we are ahead of legislation in Europe that demands 30% reuse of recyclate by 2025. By implementing the plant stakes in PP instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), we ensure a mono-stream. Since the plant pots are already made of PP, post-sorting from the waste streams of the mono-combination PP labels and PP pots is automatically suitable for recycling.


  • Suitable for using 3 plastic materials as basic raw material: PP
  • We extrude monosheets from 100% virgin or 100% recycled material, or multilayer sheets constructed in 2 or 3 layers via coextrusion. This with a difference per layer and the choice between using different combinations of virgin or recycled material and a possible difference in mutual color scheme
  • With coextrusion, up to 90% recycled material can be reused within a monostream of the plastic PP type
  • Areas of use
    • for the printing industry for end products in horticulture
    • POS material
  • The product machine is unique and exclusively developed by Circular Plastics. This makes us the only one in the world to offer this innovation
  • Plates can be supplied from 0.37 mm to 0.70 mm thickness
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