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Circular Sheets (PP/PE/PS)


We provide the printing industry with high-quality virgin and 100% recycled PP sheet material which meets the highest possible quality standards placed on offset printing for labels in the flower and plant sector, for example. The quality of the products is the result of a perfect synergy between the supplier of raw materials Kras Recycling BV, advanced state-of-the-art COEX technology and the valuable expertise and teamwork of the technical staff of Kivo and Circular Plastics. The production is BRC and ISO 9001 certified. Thanks to the constant focus on product development based on 100% reuse of recycled materials and the versatility of the technology, we are the most innovative and reliable partner for mono to 3-layer recycled PP, PE and PS plastic sheets in thicknesses of 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm.


  • Suitable for use of 3 plastic materials as basic raw material: PP, PE and PS
  • We extrude monosheets made of 100% virgin or 100% recycled materials, or multi-layer sheets composed of 2 or 3 layers by means of coextrusion. This with a difference per layer and the choice between the use of different combinations of virgin or recycled materials and a potential difference in mutual colours.
  • With coextrusion, up to 90% recycled material can be reused within a monostream of the plastic type PP, PE or PS
  • 3 areas of use:
    1. rPP/PP-Polypropilene
    2. PE-Polyethilene
    3. PS-Polistirene
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