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The advantages:

De Eco Flowerbox / RE-PACT is specifically designed for transport on the industrial pallet and the euro pallet. This plastic box is the perfect cardboard substitute to transport cut flowers internationally. From the growers to distribution centers and back to the growers for filling again. The box has a high recycled plastic value and is durable for approx. 20 trips. Besides this the box is fully compatible with automated line handling, provided with ventilation holes and is fully collapsible. This is the best example of closed-loop logistics. So no one-off cardboard boxes, but a circular solution!


By setting up a ‘closed loop’ with this product we can reduce your CO2 footprint. The Eco Flowerbox / RE-PACT is even a step further towards sustainability than the objectives of the Plastic Pact because more than 30% recycled material is used.


  • Foldable & reusable box with high recycled plastic value.
  • Available in two sizes for efficient transport on the industrial pallet and the euro pallet.
  • Provided with ventilation holes for an open en closed system.
  • Volume reduction by folding in return transport & warehousing: 80%.
  • Hygienic surface, no water absorption or accumulation of bacteria’s.
  • Basis to comply to any European legislation with demand of minimal 30% recycled materials.
  • LCA analysis after 6 trips in favor of plastic compared to cardboard.
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