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Circular AkyPak Advanced 1200×1000

Foldable Container with Lid Nesting feature

The most compact of our container sets when folded, due to the lid nesting snuggly inside the base, it allows for the safe stacking of up to 11 containers when empty, saving you warehouse floor space and enabling highly efficient returns. This large and sturdy container is ideal to store and transport bulk items and large, non-standard sized or oddly shaped goods that cannot be easily and securely packaged & palletized for logistics operations. As other containers in the Circular AkyPak® Advanced series, the Advanced 1200×1000 is lightweight, puncture-resistant, durable, easy to handle, stackable, compatible with AGVs and traditional forklifts, and it is returned in one set.

Sustainability at the core

Designed and manufactured according to Circular Economy principles our extensive range of Circular AkyPak Containers are a key element to reduce dependency on single-use packaging materials and to curb CO2 emissions from supply chains. They are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life, producing zero waste.
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