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Circular ULUS Exportpallet 1200×1000

Lightweight and especially space-saving, nestable plastic pallet with Euro dimensions The Z-profile in upper deck of the Circular ULUS Exportpallet gives the pallet high flexural rigidity and thus excellent loadability and high carrying capacity. The special design of the feet makes the pallet seamlessly nestable, allowing for space-saving transport when empty. The low net weight of 6 kg also contributes to transport savings.


  • 100% recycled sustainable HDPE raw material
  • Innovative design with a ventilation open top deck
  • Nestable via the conical supports with 66% volume reduction in return transport and storage
  • ULUS = Ultra-light and Ultra-strong with a miniumum own weight of only 6 kg

Additional benefits:

  • No need for special treatment against pests for export outside Europe
  • Comply with ISPM15 requirements
  • Do not absorb moisture
  • No risk of damage to goods by splinters or protruding nails
  • Easy to clean according to HACCP standards for the storage and transport of products in the food industry
Guaranteed reimbursement when the pallet is presented for recycling.
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