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Persbericht samenwerking Circular Plastics en Corplex
18 August 2021
Circular Plastics and Corplex enter into a partnership

Circular Plastics enters into a partnership with Corplex to strengthen the development of sustainable transport, storage and packaging solutions.

Corplex, a market leader in sustainable plastic solutions, has joined Circular Plastics’ co-shareholders business model, bringing its wide and solid expertise in plastic extrusion and thermoforming, from design to development to production to recycling. This partnership aims at jointly developing innovative product solutions according to the most stringent circular economy principles.

While Circular Plastics contributes their expertise in supply chain and sustainable logistics, Corplex takes on the role to develop, manufacture and introduce the plastic packaging of tomorrow, one that responds to the unique needs of specific industry sectors, extends the useful life of plastic products through re-use and recycling.

“Investing in the Circular Plastics is another step forward towards accelerating the transition to a circular economy for plastics” said Corplex’s Chief Executive Officer Lucas van der Schalk. “Together, we will stimulate the reuse of plastic raw materials and innovative products within a closed cycle where products are collected, reused and continuously recycled.”

Johan Thans, Director of Circular Plastics, said: “We are excited that Corplex joins as a shareholder. With their vast network and long experience, we can tap into new markets and help even more companies with circular solutions that save on costs and reduce their impact on the environment.”

About Corplex
Corplex is part of the Olympus Partners holdings and has grown into an international company with 11 sales, design, manufacturing and recycling facilities in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia and the USA. They hold the European leadership position in foldable, returnable and reusable extruded plastic products for key markets such as automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, food and beverage. To learn more, visit www.corplex.com.

About Circular Plastics
Circular Plastics, together with its consortium partners, is currently active in 24 countries with a clear mission to help its client companies save 25% on their logistics chain and to reduce their CO2 footprint by 25%. With deep experience in plastic recycling, supply chain design and logistics, they are a key player to introduce innovative and sustainable packaging solutions within the flower and plant sector, horticulture, construction and air-cargo companies since 2015.

FLTR: Johan Thans (Circular Plastics), Lucas van der Schalk (Corplex), Henk Kras (Circular Plastics)


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