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SHARE Award final
10 October 2022
Circular Plastics is the winner of the SHARE Award 2022

Circular Plastics is the winner of the SHARE Award 2022. Among this year’s other nominees, the company from Aalsmeer was the company that had the most to offer in the field of innovative opportunities and developments in Haarlemmermeer and the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Among the other nominated companies, Circular Plastics had the most distinctive profile, the most high-profile sustainable cases and the best story when it comes to impact within its sector and beyond.

Circular Plastics develops plastic solutions within a closed loop. The company has developed various sustainable circular packaging and transport solutions, which make an impressive contribution to the ecology, i.e. the CO2 footprint, with less environmental impact and less one-time use of scarce raw materials. The company is committed to one hundred percent recycling of single-use materials.

The SHARE Award is all about innovative developments and opportunities in Haarlemmermeer and the Amsterdam metropolitan region around high-profile sustainable cases/companies/themes.

For the winners of the prize, the organization looks at the distinctiveness of a participating company within the themes of sustainability, circularity and impact on the environment. By awarding the SHARE Award, SHARE is trying to give the winner of the award a push in the right direction. This results in growth, visibility and meaning for a better world. The winner will receive the SHARE Award 2022, the SHARE Boost network lunch with all SHARE Founders and a good amount of publicity.

Marja Ruigrok, Alderman for Economic Affairs of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer: ​​“As the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, we like to lead the way when it comes to innovation, sustainability and circularity. With Circular Plastics we have a nice addition to our progressive economic palette. I heartily congratulate Circular Plastics on winning the SHARE Award 2022!”

Jaap Buis, co-founder of Circular Plastics: “A great honor and recognition for our activities, we are extremely proud of winning the SHARE Award.”

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