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8 November 2022
Circular Plastics launches circular flower boxes

During the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair, Circular Plastics will introduce the Eco Flowerbox FECT and the Eco Flowerbox RE-PACT. Both boxes are a sustainable replacement for the single use of cardboard boxes.

The Eco Flowerboxes / FECT and RE-PACT are produced according to the ‘closed loop’ process. Circular Plastics stimulates the reuse of plastic raw materials and products within a closed loop. A European-wide collection system and the use of modern techniques guarantee continuous recycling and reuse of plastic in a closed loop. As a result, Circular Plastics contributes to a positive CO2 footprint and reduces packaging costs for the user.

Eco Flowerbox / FECT
The FECT box has been specially designed for efficient transport on Danish trolleys and is ideal for packaging flowers and plants. The box is made of 100% recycled plastic from floriculture and is therefore completely circular. The box has flexible ventilation and is collapsible with an effective closing mechanism. The lifespan is 7 to 10 years, the box can be used 140 to 200 times. At the end of the usable cycle, the box is recycled into a new box. The FECT box is available from January 2023.

Eco Flowerbox / RE-PACT
The RE-PACT box is specially designed for transport on the industrial pallet and the euro pallet. This completely new circular plastic box is the perfect replacement for the cardboard flower box for international transport of cut flowers. The box has a high recycled plastic value, lasts approximately 20 journeys and is fully compatible with automated line handling. The box is equipped with ventilation holes for an open and closed system. In addition, the box is foldable to a completely flat position for return transport. The Eco Flowerbox / RE-PACT is therefore a perfect duo with the circular pallet for optimal CO2 reduction.

Partner Paardekooper becomes the exclusive distributor of these innovations. These sustainable boxes fit perfectly within Paardekooper’s RESPECT program where it has the ambition to become the sustainable packaging forerunner in Europe. Both boxes are available via Paardekooper, Broekhof en Dillewijn Zwapak.

Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer, booth 1.5
Both Eco Flowerboxes can be seen during the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. In the stand of Paardekooper, Broekhof and Dillewijn Zwapak (stand 1.5) and in the promo corner opposite stand 9.8.

Click here for more information about both flower boxes.


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