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12 January 2024
Floriculture Scheme for Packaging Waste Management Contribution extended by two years

The industry scheme for waste management contributions related to packaging for flowers and plants has been extended until 2025. This scheme takes into account the high export percentage in the ornamental horticulture sector, leading to a significant simplification of the execution of waste management contributions in ornamental horticulture. While the scheme reduces administrative burdens, it still ensures a substantial contribution to the Waste Fund. The development of the scheme is the result of a successful collaboration between Royal FloraHolland, the VGB, and the Waste Packaging Fund. The current scheme is functioning satisfactorily for all parties involved and has therefore been extended with minimal changes for an additional two years.

Packaging Waste Management Contribution

Dutch companies pay a waste management contribution for the packaging they introduce to the Dutch market through the Waste Packaging Fund. The scheme for flowers and plants takes into consideration the high export percentage by applying a discount of 80% for the first link (grower or importer). This significantly simplifies the execution compared to the general Waste Packaging Fund scheme. Additionally, participating companies automatically benefit from lower business packaging rates.

Participation is Individual Responsibility

The responsibility for submitting declarations remains unchanged and rests with individual growers or importers. Ornamental horticulture companies benefit from the scheme if they add or import more than 50,000 kg of packaging per year to the Dutch market. Therefore, we recommend that these companies register for this scheme with the Waste Packaging Fund.

In general, the following applies to the number of kilograms of packaging and advice for registration:

  • < 50,000 kg: Always exempt, no registration required.
  • 50,000 kg and < approximately 250,000 kg: Without the scheme, you are obligated to contribute, but with the scheme, you are not. Don’t forget to register.
  • 250,000 kg: Even with the scheme, you are obligated to contribute; the scheme is financially attractive and simultaneously contributes significantly to the Waste Fund. Don’t forget to register!


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