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Circular Plastics presentatie
Circular Plastics presentatie
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20 November 2023
Inspiration day activates construction companies towards circular building

The Circular Plastics Alliance member GP Groot recently organized an inspiration day for circular construction in collaboration with Circular Plastics Academy. This day was focused on bringing together professionals in the construction sector to share knowledge and experiences about circular construction.


The following topics were covered:

CO2 Reporting Tool: A practical tool that shows how waste separation contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

CSRD Reports: Information about upcoming reporting obligations.

Recycling of Construction Materials: Circular Plastics provided insights into how construction materials can be efficiently recycled.

Sustainable Construction Methods: Overview of methods for more sustainable construction.

Circular Plastics shared knowledge on improving the recyclability of packaging material, which is important for the transition to circular construction practices. There were also discussions and presentations from various partners, including Patina Roof Thinkers and Construction Company De Nijs, who shared their experiences with circular construction.

The afternoon consisted of workshops where participants were encouraged to formulate ideas for the application of circular construction. Circular Plastics Academy played an active role in these sessions, focusing on the practical applications of circular construction.

At Circular Plastics, we are proud of our contribution to this successful day and look forward to further collaborations to realize our vision for a circular construction sector.


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