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Hardcups FC Volendam
20 December 2023
Introduction of sustainable hardcups at FC Volendam!

On Saturday, December 2nd, during the home match against PEC Zwolle, FC Volendam took a new sustainable step by introducing the use of durable and reusable hardcups during games. With this move, FC Volendam anticipates government regulations regarding the use of single-use plastic cups at events, including football matches. The club is introducing three different sizes of hardcups, each featuring a beautifully designed FC Volendam logo.

Why the switch from single-use plastic cups to hardcups?

The transition from plastic cups to reusable hardcups has been implemented by FC Volendam with the primary goal of reducing waste on matchdays and limiting the use of plastic. From now on, all beverages will be served in attractively designed cups that are easy to reuse. Currently, hardcups are available in two sizes: half-liter and small drink sizes. FC Volendam has indicated that later in the season, FC Volendam coffee cups will also be introduced.

What options do FC Volendam visitors have?

When you order a drink at one of the catering points in the Kras Stadium, a fee of €2.00 per hardcup will be charged for the first use. For subsequent orders, you can return your cup(s), and your drink will be served in a new, clean cup. After enjoying your last drink, three options are available for FC Volendam matchday visitors:

Option 1: You can return the hardcup to one of the catering points in exchange for an FC Volendam token worth €2.00. On your next visit, you can use this token to avoid paying a deposit when placing an order.

Option 2: You can return the hardcup to a catering point and choose to support the youth academy of FC Volendam with the deposit from the token.

Option 3: You can take the FC Volendam hardcup home and keep it, or bring it on your next visit. If you return the cup with your order, you won’t have to pay a deposit, and your drink will be served in a clean cup.

How did FC Volendam make this step possible?

FC Volendam is a club that has long pursued sustainable initiatives. Through the sustainability platform Orange Circle, FC Volendam supports various initiatives contributing to a more sustainable environment. They have been separating plastic disposable cups for several seasons, but with the introduction of sustainable hardcups, this is no longer necessary. In collaboration with Dutch Cups and Kras Recycling (a partner of Circular Plastics Alliance), FC Volendam has been able to realize this new step towards hardcups.

Why are the hardcups sustainable?

The hardcups used by FC Volendam are made from strategic raw materials and are part of a closed-loop system. Thanks to this closed-loop system, the cups are recycled one-on-one at the end of their lifespan and used as strategic raw materials in the same chain of Dutch Cups B.V.. This reduces the amount of waste and eliminates the need for continuously using new materials to make hardcups.

Circular Plastics fully supports this new sustainable step by FC Volendam. With the introduction of hardcups at FC Volendam, in collaboration with Kras Recycling, Circular Plastics, and our future new member at the alliance Dutch Cups, the first step is taken to realize hardcups for even more events and football clubs.

Are you currently grappling with the issue of disposable cups during events? Or do you want to know more about the transition from single-use plastic cups to hardcups? Then please feel free to contact us.


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