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SHARE boost lunch
Share Haarlemmermeer
18 January 2023
SHARE Business Boost Lunch

Last year, we won the SHARE Award 2022! One of the components of winning the award is the SHARE Boost network lunch with all SHARE Founders. This lunch took place last Tuesday and was a great opportunity to talk further about the opportunities we offer for the reuse of plastics in different industries creating a closed loop.

Together with SHARE Haarlemmermeer, we will also work on a new SHARE Meets edition on the theme of Sustainable Closed Loop Solutions. The substantive programme will focus on cases, developments, speakers (among others), with plenty of room for interaction, knowledge sharing, cross-pollination, exploiting opportunities together and networking. This SHARE Meets edition will take place on 19 April 2023 and more information will follow via SHARE Haarlemmermeer.

About SHARE Meets

SHARE Meets is an initiative from the business community (Royal Schiphol Group, SADC, Rabobank, Dura Vermeer, Schenk Makelaars) and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The aim is to share news, knowledge, inspiration, and experiences, trigger innovations and opportunities, facilitate networking and concrete collaborations. We explore special initiatives, companies, research projects and pioneers in Haarlemmermeer and metropolitan Amsterdam. The setting of SHARE Meets is informal and interactive in a pop-up concept (4 times a year). We get down to business in concrete terms and use each other’s network to create a snowball effect. Leverage the SHARE network for interaction, cross-pollination and snowball effect so that we accelerate. Together, we realise a circular society that is future-proof and fuels innovation. This makes SHARE not only a unique stage but also a perfect business business network in Haarlemmermeer and metropolitan Amsterdam.




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