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Circular AkyPak Advanced Large 1200×800

Everything in this container is designed with space optimization in mind! From its hook feature to secure the lid upright during loading and unloading, thus saving warehouse floor space, to its ability to maximize fill rate of courtainside trucks and trailers, saving on labour costs and on number of trips for delivery. When empty, the foldable sleeve perfectly fits in between the pallet base and the lid, allowing for the safe stacking of up to 11 empty containers, substantially optimizing storage space. The Circular AkyPak® Advance range is returned in full sets of neatly stacked containers that are easily handled by AGVs and traditional forklifts, saving space, truckloads, and cost of labour.

Sustainability at the core

Designed and manufactured according to Circular Economy principles our extensive range of Circular AkyPak Containers are a key element to reduce dependency on single-use packaging materials and to curb CO2 emissions from supply chains. They are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life, producing zero waste.
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