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Foto Zero waste Coloríginz 6-2-23
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7 February 2023
Zero Waste project Dutch Flower Group

We are very proud that we will do the Zero Waste project with Dutch Flower Group (DFG) out of our Circular Plastics Academy in collaboration with our partner Horizonteer. Zero Waste means that the DFG companies want to create no, or at least as little, waste as possible. The DFG companies have been actively working towards this with their sustainability strategy IMPACT25 for more than 10 years. Partly by recycling their waste residues as much and as well as possible, partly by producing as little waste as possible.

By recycling, they are working towards a system in which their waste is the raw material for new products and fewer and fewer new raw materials are needed. For this, well-separated waste streams are essential. This is now successful for about 80% of their waste. For that last 20%, we are now working together in the Zero Waste project.

At DFG companies The Floral Connection and Coloríginz, we have started to set up the internal waste recycling points perfectly and train their colleagues so that they will soon be able to turn every last shred of waste into a new raw material.

Image: 1. the kick-off of the project at Coloríginz and image 2. the inventory of the environmental street at The Floral Connection



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