Early introduction of blending obligation

The Dutch government requires that Dutch manufacturers of plastic products must use a minimum percentage of recycled plastic in the manufacture of new plastic products from 2027. This requirement precedes European regulations. As a result, Dutch plastics processors face the challenge of a shortage of high-quality recycled material and higher costs, leaving them behind foreign […]

Collaboration between the Netherlands and Belgium improves traceability of plastic waste

Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen, now known as Verpact from March 1st, and Valipac, the Belgian organization for the management of industrial packaging, join forces for the implementation of a certification system for plastic recyclers. This collaboration marks the beginning of a European partnership aimed at ensuring that Dutch and Belgian packaging waste is recycled according to […]

Third prize Greenovation Award 2023 with the Eco Flowerbox FECT

We are super proud of the third prize we won with the Eco Flowerbox / FECT. The Eco Flowerbox / FECT is a sustainable solution for packaging flowers and plants. The box is specially designed for transport on Danish trolleys but can also be used on other carriers. The material is made from 100% recycled […]

How should companies anticipate the increasing demand for plastic waste?

On behalf of the Dutch chemical, plastic, and waste industries, the international accounting and consulting organization KPMG conducted research on the rising demand for plastic waste for recycling in the Netherlands. This research revealed that the demand for plastic waste for recycling in the Netherlands is expected to double to over 2.2 million tons by […]

Research on issues related to dumping and incineration in Noord-Holland

Onderzoek knelpunten storten en verbranden Noord-Holland

The recently conducted research on the deposition and incineration of waste streams in the province of Noord-Holland contributes to two main goals: the national ambition to achieve a 100% circular economy by 2050, and the specific contribution of the province of North Holland to the implementation of this goal. This research has focused on the […]

Floriculture Scheme for Packaging Waste Management Contribution extended by two years


The industry scheme for waste management contributions related to packaging for flowers and plants has been extended until 2025. This scheme takes into account the high export percentage in the ornamental horticulture sector, leading to a significant simplification of the execution of waste management contributions in ornamental horticulture. While the scheme reduces administrative burdens, it […]

Enforcement of disposable plastic temporarily adjusted!

No more 10 cent surcharge for plastic containers or cups? The levy on disposable plastic is temporarily suspended. The mandatory tax on plastic disposable cups and containers is temporarily halted. Starting from January, the inspection will no longer check whether sellers are charging customers a surcharge. The tax, also referred to by opponents as the […]

Introduction of sustainable hardcups at FC Volendam!

Hardcups FC Volendam

On Saturday, December 2nd, during the home match against PEC Zwolle, FC Volendam took a new sustainable step by introducing the use of durable and reusable hardcups during games. With this move, FC Volendam anticipates government regulations regarding the use of single-use plastic cups at events, including football matches. The club is introducing three different […]

Rate Differentiation 2.0 from January 1, 2024

The Packaging Waste Fund has unveiled a new approach to promote the production of recycled plastic packaging and easily recyclable plastic packaging in the Netherlands. This new approach from the Packaging Waste Fund concerns Rate Differentiation 2.0. The purpose of rate differentiation is to financially encourage companies to switch to packaging that is easier to […]


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