Brick manufacturers are switching to circular plastic return pallets

Dutch manufacturers of bricks affiliated with the trade association Royal Dutch Construction Ceramics (KNB) are taking an important step in the use of circular packaging. This in collaboration with Circular Plastics and Cabka, supplier and manufacturer of reusable plastic pallets. The switch to plastic return pallets for facade bricks results in significantly less waste and […]

European legislation on the way for the reuse of pallets

Wooden pallets represent one of the largest waste streams for logistics companies. As part of the Green Deal and a new action plan for a circular economy, the European Commission has presented a proposal to amend the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD), with the aim of promoting the reuse of packaging materials. In this […]

Inspiration day activates construction companies towards circular building

The Circular Plastics Alliance member GP Groot recently organized an inspiration day for circular construction in collaboration with Circular Plastics Academy. This day was focused on bringing together professionals in the construction sector to share knowledge and experiences about circular construction.   The following topics were covered: CO2 Reporting Tool: A practical tool that shows […]

Aftermovie event at partner Xella Netherlands

On September 13, Royal Hibin organized an event at the Xella Nederland location in Vuren in collaboration with CPA partner Xella, among others, during which their new plastic pallet return system was launched.

SHARE Meets great success

Last Wednesday, the SHARE meeting took place at C-B├Ęta in Hoofddorp. This time it was all about Circular Plastics, because we won the SHARE award last year. After the reception we were welcomed by moderator Margo Spek and alderman Marja Ruigrok. Henk Kras was there to answer some questions on behalf of Circular Plastics. When […]


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