European legislation on the way for the reuse of pallets

Wooden pallets represent one of the largest waste streams for logistics companies. As part of the Green Deal and a new action plan for a circular economy, the European Commission has presented a proposal to amend the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD), with the aim of promoting the reuse of packaging materials. In this […]

Inspiration day activates construction companies towards circular building

The Circular Plastics Alliance member GP Groot recently organized an inspiration day for circular construction in collaboration with Circular Plastics Academy. This day was focused on bringing together professionals in the construction sector to share knowledge and experiences about circular construction.   The following topics were covered: CO2 Reporting Tool: A practical tool that shows […]

Additional measures for climate targets hit waste sector

The waste sector will not escape additional measures to meet the 2030 climate targets, including a higher carbon tax and reducing waste incineration. According to the Paris climate agreement, the Netherlands must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 per cent by 2030 compared to 1990. The government has agreed on a 60 per cent reduction, […]

SHARE Meets great success

Last Wednesday, the SHARE meeting took place at C-B├Ęta in Hoofddorp. This time it was all about Circular Plastics, because we won the SHARE award last year. After the reception we were welcomed by moderator Margo Spek and alderman Marja Ruigrok. Henk Kras was there to answer some questions on behalf of Circular Plastics. When […]

Zero Waste project Dutch Flower Group

We are very proud that we will do the Zero Waste project with Dutch Flower Group (DFG) out of our Circular Plastics Academy in collaboration with our partner Horizonteer. Zero Waste means that the DFG companies want to create no, or at least as little, waste as possible. The DFG companies have been actively working […]

SHARE Business Boost Lunch

Last year, we won the SHARE Award 2022! One of the components of winning the award is the SHARE Boost network lunch with all SHARE Founders. This lunch took place last Tuesday and was a great opportunity to talk further about the opportunities we offer for the reuse of plastics in different industries creating a […]

Strategic news Kras Recycling

Strategic growth ambitions ensure the acquisition of a majority stake in Recycling Holding Volendam B.V. activities.

Circular Plastics launches circular flower boxes

During the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair, Circular Plastics will introduce the Eco Flowerbox FECT and the Eco Flowerbox RE-PACT. Both boxes are a sustainable replacement for the single use of cardboard boxes. The Eco Flowerboxes / FECT and RE-PACT are produced according to the ‘closed loop’ process. Circular Plastics stimulates the reuse of plastic raw […]

Circular Plastics is the winner of the SHARE Award 2022

Circular Plastics is the winner of the SHARE Award 2022. Among this year’s other nominees, the company from Aalsmeer was the company that had the most to offer in the field of innovative opportunities and developments in Haarlemmermeer and the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Among the other nominated companies, Circular Plastics had the most distinctive profile, […]


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